Chef Eduardo Ruiz

Executive Chef of Chicas Tacos and BLVD Companies.

James Beard Nominated Chef of Chicas Tacos and BLVD Companies. Chef Eduardo, known for his inventive Alta California style of cooking opened Corazon y Miel in 2013 receiving accolades including placement on Jonathan Gold’s top 101 list 3 years in a row. Chef elevates this year’s Baja Market LA with this remarkable

Chef Omar Valenzuela

of Encuentro Guadalupe

Encuentro Guadalupe’s Origen is an open kitchen and a culinary adventure, an exploration of ingredients in the northern region of Baja California. A laboratory of flavors, colors and shapes by Chef, who is part of a new generation of chefs in the Guadalupe Valley and Ensenada.

Chef Guillermo “Oso” Campos Moreno

of KokoPelli & Tras/Horizonte

Chef attended Tijuana’s culinary arts school then went on work in restaurants throughout Mexico (including a stint as executive chef at the Parque Bicentario in Guanajuato) and the Michelin-starred (three, if you’re curious) Oud Sluis in the Netherlands before returning to Tijuana.)

Chef Javier Plascencia

of Caffe Saverios, Mision 19, Caesar’s, Finca Altozano & 9 others throughout Baja & San Diego

Awarded as one of the 50 people that transformed Mexico and Chef of the Year, Chef Javier is known for his innovative and sustainable style; which he defines as cuisine of Baja, using ingredients from the fields, farms, land and sea of the region.

Chef Gilberto Cetina

of Chichen Itza

Chef Gilberto Cetina learned the secrets of cooking from his mother in a timber town in the Tizimin province of the state of Yucatan. A trained engineer, he moved with his family to the United States in 1986 where he was finally able to dedicate himself to the culinary arts. He opened Chichen Itza Restaurant in 2001, and his Yucatecan dishes soon became the talk of the town among customers, foodies and food critics.

Chef Natalie Curie

of El Coraloense

El Coraloense serves fare that blends the cuisines of Sinaloa and Nayarit — Curie’s mother is from the former Mexican state, her father the latter. The result of that marriage is an exceptional list of ceviche tostadas and entrees that regularly turn heads and excite taste buds. Jonathan Gold recently reviewed stating Chef’s aguachile are “pretty spectacular.”

Chef Alex Chang

of Exchange at Freehand LA

It’s a melting pot, It’s about taking all things from everywhere and then doing it your own way. So that’s what Chang—a self-taught chef who was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Santa Barbara, spent time in Japan, ran a supper club, studied kinesiology at USC and worked at Animal in L.A. before running the kitchen at Vagabond in Miami—is now doing at The Exchange.

Chef Ricardo Cervantes

of La Monarca

La Monarca Bakery brings The Sweet Flavor of Mexico™ to the U.S. Our products are made from scratch, with only all-natural ingredients, no artificial colors or preservatives. La Monarca Bakery has been recognized Best of LA Weekly 2011, Best of Sunset Magazine 2012, Best of Los Angeles Magazine 2013, and LA Times’ 2017 Guide to Great LA Bakeries.